December 28, 2015 Arley Arrington


here are 5 of my favorite things i got to bake this last year!

chocolate matcha cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes + matcha frosting + fresh berries

one night, after a long day at work, i had a very overwhelming shopping experience at whole foods that ended with a tin of matcha in my pantry. i love the green tea flavor on its own, and it also makes some very interesting flavor combinations. these cupcakes were the perfect balance of rich, light, sweet, and savory.

grape cobbler

grape + sage + rose cobbler

years ago, a good friend of mine passed along her grams cobbler recipe. it’s unlike any cobbler i’ve ever had before. there are 4 steps, and the first one is “melt a stick of butter, dump it in the pan.” so i had a solid foundation to build on. coming across muscadine grapes in my neighborhood’s grocery store, i decided to experiment with an unexpected baking fruit. my studies conclude: we should bake with grapes more.

oatmeal creme pies

bourbon oatmeal cream pies + salted brown butter buttercream

i love these little guys with my whole heart. remember those little creme pies we used to eat as kids, but now, years later, you have two bites, and you feel like it could definitely lead to a diabetic episode? these cookies have come to the rescue. and they are better than anything i ever dreamed of as a child. and i’m not being over dramatic.

bourbon pecan pie

SPOILER ALERT!!!! i love baking with bourbon. the flavor melts in my mouth and warms my belly. this is one of the thanksgiving pies i made this year, and it holds a special place in my heart. the pecans are sourced from koinonia farm, and with all of the thanksgiving orders, i was able to make my first mini-hire (a girl i’ve been mentoring in charlottesville for the last 6 years). plus, this pie tastes really really really good. it was a win-win-win.

(photo by ashley cox, styled by mallory joyce)


vanilla almond cake + salted caramel buttercream + marzipan succulents

fondant, you’re gross, and everybody knows it. i bet you know it, too, you’re just too pleased with your power position in the cake decorating world to admit your weakness. well i won’t fall for it anymore. team marzipan, all day, erryday. topped on a light cake with a sweet-salty buttercream, team marzipan can’t lose. this birthday treat was my favorite decoration i got to do all year. (plus it was ordered for a truly rad lady boss, commonly known as the queen of succulents, ms. della at cville blooms.)


2015 was experimental, artistic, delicious, and straight up exciting. i hope your new years resolution is EAT MORE CAKE, and that we make them arley cakes. cheers to 2016!

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